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Welcome to Musician's OC Jam
Problem - When you play or sing along to other music - or create your own, you want to keep notes about that music such as the Key, the structure of the song, special playing notes, the lyrics and other information. After you have a few songs or backing tracks you use - well, keeping organized notes on them is impossible. What a mess.

The other issue is that the songs start without warning - there isn't any cue or clue to the start of it.
Might be 5 seconds, might be  2 seconds.....maybe zero!

Finally, the inconsistent sound volumes of the songs due to the quality of the recordings makes consistent playback a pain. One is so soft you can't hear it and the next one breaks your speakers!

The following 7 videos are now available

on the concepts, overview and operation of Musician's OC Jam -
A live example of 'Could this be you' ( 3 minutes)

21 Screens in 60 Seconds

5 Minute Screen Overview

Operational Concepts ( 9 minutes)

Live Demos of the first run of the program
after the installation

- Part 1 - Background and History (15 minutes)

- Part 2 - Environmental Setup  (15 minutes)

- Part 3 - Operation after install ( 1 hour)

You can also go to our homepage on YouTube
Solution - Musician's OC Jam -  It does all of the above and much much more! See for yourself.

Musician's OC Jam allows you to easily keep and recall all kinds of information on the music you use for backing tracks. For each song keep - Song structure, Lyrics, Key, 2nd Key, Tempo, Beat, Instrument and Amp (and other equipment) settings as well as Sound Level.

Simple to use - plus Musician's OC Jam also controls your playback - allowing you to prepare for the start of the song.

Musician's OC Jam
also adjusts the volume for you of each song before playback according to the value you assigned to that song.

And, Musician's OC Jam does a lot more like - automatic video recording of your performance, reporting functions and even more.

Musician's OC Jam is a 'compliment' to Sonar, Audacity and the like. It's not designed to replace them.
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